Iron out wet hair and break the straightening rules.

August 17, 2004

Iron out wet hair and break the straightening rules.

Remington?s? revolutionary new Wet2straight? is breaking the straightening rules. Wet2straight? is the next generation straightener that dries as it straightens and is designed to use on wet hair the result is healthy shiny hair and long lasting styles.

Worried about the damage that the continual use of a high heat straightener is doing? Want smooth, straight, shiny, long lasting styles without the damage?

With Wet2straight? you no longer have to worry as it has two times the protection against damage. The Teflon? coating prevents sticking while
ceramic locks in moisture. It?s specially designed to use on wet hair and is actually better for your hair than allowing it to dry naturally. This has been confirmed by world leading trichologist Tony Maleedy.

The hair is made up of 3 layers ? the protective outer layer or cuticle, the main body of the hair or the cortex and the medulla in the centre. To
achieve healthy shiny, silky hair the cuticle must lie flat. If not the hair looks dull, lifeless and frizzy and can lead to further damage as moisture escapes and harmful chemicals enter.

The main body of hair naturally contains about 10% water. When the hair is wet water content increases and cuticle scales open allowing the water to escape. As Wet2straight? is used on wet hair it closes and flattens the cuticle locking the moisture in instead of allowing it to escape. When using Wet2straight? you?ll hear a ?HISSSSS?, that?s the steam hydration therapy, locking the moisture in instead of blowing it away.

But just don?t take our word for it. Hair research company Tri-Co International and the University of Bath Materials Research Centre conducted laboratory tests on hair moisture retention. They tested the moisture content of 3 samples of hair ? a control sample that was dried at room temperature, and 2 test samples that were dried using Wet2straight?. The study concluded that hair which is dried using Wet2straight? retains up to double the moisture content of hair that?s allowed to dry naturally. ?These results seems to confirm that the flattening and compacting effect of Wet2straight? on the hair cuticle scales slows water loss from the hair,?
says Tony Maleedy, ?…sealing in the moisture.?

Educator and director of the Biba Academy, Paul Divitaris trialed wet2straight. ?I was sceptical at first. I had never heard of a product like
this. I used it on a student with very curly hair and was amazed. This straightener is very hot and when it comes into contact with the hair, it
hisses and steams! But the results were fantastic. This is definitely a straightener that we will use in my academies and salons.?

Available from leading haircare stores.

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