How to know if a man is interested in you?

February 4, 2000

Not knowing if a man is interested or not is a very weird and uncomfortable situation. It is better to work out whether this relationship is doomed or dazzling. So SheSaid is giving you four simple tests to try on that unsuspecting guy. Read on and work him out!

  1. Next time you are hanging out with Mr Not Sure, wait for a lull in the conversation and say something like this, “You know, I’m dying to (make something up here, like go to this concert or try this new restaurant), but I can’t get any of my friends to go,” then look him right in the eyes with your best happily mystified expression. If the evening ends and he hasn’t even bothered to respond to your little tug then forget him and move on.
  2. This is a sure decider. If you and Mr Not Sure are out with a group, talk to a couple of your friends about making a change of location mid-evening, then ask him along. If he remotely hesitates then he is not interested. (You can do this without your friends. The only problem is that if he doesn’t want to come, you kind of have to go by yourself. On the other hand, if he says yes, it’s just you and him)
  3. Alright this one is not the best if you don’t work with the guy or you aren’t studying or doing a class with him, but if you are, leave behind something of little or no value, a spiral notebook say, with your name and phone number in it. If he doesn’t call or if he does and then only returns your property, you’ll know he’s not into it.
  4. This is a hard one but it will give him the information he may need. The trick to this one is tone of voice. At some point in the conversation, after he’s said something particularly charming, funny or touching, respond generally with something like, “That is very funny” and then say, ” I like you” in the same tone of voice you would say something like, “I like that shirt”. Then drop it. If he doesn’t use your subtle hint you have your answer, he is not interested and it’s time to move on.

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