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Is Marriage Important?

Is Marriage Important?

A new survey has found that 55.3% of Australians believe that marriage is not very important. Despite the fact that 79.1% of Aussies claim to believe in soul mates, it seems less than half of us are interested in hitting the alter.

The latest Australian Census figures indicate that marriage rates are falling. So it begs the question, if we still believe in true love, why are we hesitating to walk down the aisle?

The research also found that the casual dating trend is on the rise, with 85.1% of people stating that they believe in the ‘no strings attached’ concept, as long as both parties are on the same terms. spokesperson Howard James says, “Aussies are certainly not shying away from romantic notions but for many people, having someone to date on a less committed basis can be the alternative to an increasingly demanding lifestyle. So many of us are preoccupied with friends, furthering our education and climbing the corporate ladder, and we simply don’t have time for serious commitment.”

Mr. James shares his top 5 rules for casual dating:

1. Be Honest

Make your intentions clear from the outset. Be sure that your date knows that you are not looking for something serious and that they want the same thing.

2. Discretion is Key

Nobody wants to hear about their competition. And let’s face it; if you’re dating casually then you’re probably seeing more than one person at a time. Keep details about other relationships to yourself.

3. Casual Dating is not Synonymous with Casual Sex

Dating someone on a casual basis does not necessarily mean that you are having sex casually. Choose your stance on casual sex before dating someone and stick to it. Keeping things casual may not be as easy once you’ve slept with someone, so think carefully about this in advance.

4. Get out and About

When you’re dating someone casually, ensure that you go out on dates and try new experiences. Casual dating should be fun and encourage you to spend time with new people in new ways. No DVD nights in or home cooked meals. Those are the practices of committed couples.

5. Experiment

Casual dating is about trying a new way of dating. Experiment by dating someone that is not your ‘type.’ Date someone with a different look or personality. Broadening your horizons will help you to learn more about yourself and maybe spark something with an unexpected special someone. is the first dating site in Australia for people who don’t have any intention to get married. ForgetDinner’s goal is to bring like-minded people together in a space where they are free to date in a casual, light-hearted and fun way.

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