Is This The Greatest Explanation Of Parenthood Ever?

December 30, 2015

People with no kids have no idea.

English comedian Michael McIntyre is well known for his hilariously on point observational humor on everything from women’s elaborate grooming regimes  to the struggles of married life.

But perhaps his greatest piece of comedy ever, a seven minute sketch from his 2013 stand-up tour on the differences between childfree adults and parents, has been, up until recently, largely overlooked.

Making a major comeback recently through social media, the clip has now racked up almost 10 million views for good reason; it’s side-splittingly funny and perfectly describes exactly what any parent who’s friends with a childfree person notices every time they hang out; people who don’t have kids simply don’t know what it’s really like to be a parent when it comes to the everyday sacrifices like foregoing popping out to try the latest cool cafe or having the time to enjoy gliding their zippers all the way to the top.

Watch it and prepare to weep tears of laughter whilst simultaneously nodding along in acknowledgement that someone has so aptly, concisely described your struggle. This really is comic genius at its very best, and worth sharing with any friend who’s a new parent, or that childfree pal who’s always complaining you never have time for them any more…

Images via youtube.com.

Comment: Do you relate to Michael McIntyre’s description of parenthood vs childfree living?


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