It’s International Female Orgasm Day!

August 8, 2013

Today is International Female Orgasm Day, so we’re sharing some expert sex tips on how to achieve the big ‘O’!

The day was founded in 2011 by a Brazilian politician who felt he had a sexual debt to his wife and wanted to dedicate an entire day to paying it off!  Sex expert Christina Spaccavento from My Little Black Book, an Australian website dedicated to help sexually empower women, shares her best orgasm tips.

In our modern day world where we often strive to have it all we can easily fill our time without even considering our sexual expression. Stress is one of the biggest villains when it comes to feeling sexy – stress kills desire! It isn’t realistic to expect yourself to be ready for sex (alone or with a partner) if you are not feeling turned on. There are however, a few things you can do to consciously get into the mood:

1.       Allow yourself to think sexy thoughts. If you see someone sexy walking down the street and feel a pang of arousal, don’t shut it down, allow yourself to appreciate and enjoy it. Remember hearing those anecdotal quotes about men thinking about sex ever 3 minutes and always wanting it? Well, this actually makes sense. If you’re thinking about sex all day, of course you’re going to be hot and ready for sex by the time you get back home from work.

2.       Remember your sexual fantasies and actively reconnect with them using visualisation.

3.       Explore new sexual fantasies. You may want to use some erotic literature or view erotic film to help get your imagination going. There is such a diverse choice to choose from, so if you don’t hit the nail on the head on the head the first time, don’t worry, just try something else util you find what works for you.

4.       Do things to feel sexy such as dressing in sexy clothes, having a hot bath, or using essential oils to give yourself a sensual massage. Take the time out to nurture your sexual self in whatever form that takes.

5.       Do a sexual meditation that not only relaxes your body and mind but also focuses you on sex. You may want to bring your attention to different parts of your body that become sexually activated and energised. These simple exercises assist your brain and genitalia to connect and create sexual desire and arousal.

It’s very important to become aware of what is it that you want, what makes you feel good, and what turns you on. And if you don’t know what these are, start exploring! Discovering what your sexual needs are, and then actually acting and fulfilling them can in itself be a fun and fulfilling activity.

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