Jacksons most foolish Americans of 2004

April 6, 2004

Jacksons most foolish Americans of 2004

The foolish Janet Jackson
In one of the best polls of the year so far, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson have been named the most foolish Americans of 2004 in a U.S. telephone survey. In the poll of 1,016 Americans carried out by New York-based public relations consultant Jeff Barge, 77 percent of respondents voted Michael Jackson to the top of the fool list. It’s the second year in a row that Michael has taken the April Fools Day award. He won the award last year after dangling his baby son over the balcony of a Berlin hotel. Of those who took part, 77% voted Michael Jackson to top the list, while his little sister was second with 70%. In January she was involved in controversy after baring her breast during the half-time show at the Super Bowl. “Obviously they are giving each other advice,” said Barge of the pop siblings. “And it’s not good advice.” In third place on Barge’s list was domestic diva Martha Stewart, who earlier this month was convicted of obstructing a federal inquiry into a suspicious stock sale, leaving her facing a likely prison sentence. Britney Spears was fourth in the poll with 69% of people saying her short-lived “marriage” to Jason Alexander in January was foolish. This is one poll stars would rather not rate on?

Almost a mum – Debra Messing
Messing in action?
Fans of Will and Grace will be sad to hear the news that Debra Messing has been ordered by her doctor to stay off her feet in her last months of pregnancy. The producers have had to write ?Grace? out of the last four episodes of the show, including the one-hour season finale. Messing’s spokeswoman said the eight-month-pregnant actress is doing “great,” but was told “to be careful and take it easy, preferably bed rest.” She added there were no complications with the pregnancy. Great to see an actress putting her and her baby?s health before the success of her show!

What a family…

Are Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are getting married?
Sydney?s very own Daily Telegraph hit the papers over the weekend all over the world for reportedly breaking the news that Hollywood star Demi Moore and her toyboy beau Ashton Kutcher‘s year-old romance is set to take a serious turn. Apparently, the couple has decided to get married. Even though the critics panned the relationship as a publicity stunt that wouldn?t last, it appears the pair is set to prove the critics wrong in this case. “Demi and Ashton’s marriage is a certainty. They are off and running now, trying to get things planned. They can’t wait to walk down the aisle, make their union official and spend the rest of their lives together,” a friend said. But wait there?s more – according to the paper, Moore wants ex-husband Bruce Willis to be best man! Are we all being punked here?

Spring bride Kate Beckinsdale
Spring wedding for Kate Beckinsdale
It looks like a springtime wedding for Pearl Harbor actress Kate Beckinsale and her director fianc?e Len Wiseman, who are apparently planning to tie the knot next month. The pair, who met when Len directed the stunning brunette in the 2003 vampire thriller Underworld, will reportedly exchanging rings in the US this May. Among guests will be the actress’ mum Judy Loe, who will attend with her second husband Roy Battersby, who like Len is also a filmmaker. Kate?s father actor Richard Beckinsdale died in 1979.
Also having a special role in the nuptials will be Kate’s daughter with former partner Michael Sheen, four-year-old Lily. “Lily is choosing her dress for my wedding,” said the future bride. “She’s getting a bit nervous? because she’s been given the job of throwing rose petals and is worried she won’t do it properly.” It looks to be a big year for Kate, who has two major films ? horror adventure Van Helsing, as well as The Aviator alongside Leo DiCaprio ? set for release in 2004.

Reverend Alanis
Morissette becomes minister to marry gay friends
Canadian pop star Alanis Morissette has got herself ordained as a minister. She did a short Internet course which allows her to conduct marriages – and she plans to help same-sex couples tie the knot. She said: “I want to marry some of my gay couple friends.” Aaawwwh how sweet!

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