Jake and Kirsten back together?

November 2, 2004

Jake and Kirsten back together?

In happier times
Talk about on-again/off-again. Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst have further fuelled togetherness rumours after being seen kissing in an LA caf?. The pair originally split in July this year after rumours that Kirsten was getting a little too close and personal with ex-boyfriend Tobey Maguire on the set of Spider Man 2. Jake and Kirsten have remained friends since their split in July, and were recently seen walking their dog Lovey together; cuddling in Gyllenhaal’s car and publicly embracing each other. British newspaper the Sunday Mirror, “It isn’t the first time the pals have been snapped out and about looking this cosy. Perhaps it’s not surprising given that just a few weeks ago, Kirsten called Jake the ‘love’ of her life.”

OC star?
Justin Timberlake has landed a recurring role in the hit TV show The OC. The star is in talks with TV bosses to play a bad boy, who visits the rich community of Newport Beach… Billy Bob Thornton has told Men?s Health that he just can?t understand why his five failed marriages are viewed by some as bizarre. He said he?s “got buddies who refuse to get married and [expletive deleted] fifteen people a week. I’m like, ‘Which is better?’ At least I was trying.”

Drew Barrymore
Celebrity Prediction – Drew Barrymore
This Charlie?s Angel star is certainly heading for a very busy next two years. There will be problems surfacing in her relationship over the next six months, leading her to re-evaluate what she wants from her partner. Whispers of marriage will surface in mid 2005, but they will be denied as Barrymore is not keen to jump into marriage so quickly once again. Any misgivings she has about her relationship will be resolved by the end of 2005. Fans will get to see more of the actress on the big screen over the next two years, with one role leading to an award in 2006. This lovely actress will finally turn her hand to directing, a dream she has nurtured for many years…
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