Jake Gyllenhaal & Keira Knightley?

March 7, 2006

Jake Gyllenhaal & Keira Knightley?

Jake Gyllenhaal certainly seems to be playing the field now things between he and Kirsten Dunst seem to have cooled. He has given his number to OC starlet Mischa Barton although as she?s still happy with boyfriend Cisco Adler and were seen kissing at the Oscars after party, it?s doubtful things are going to go far at this stage. It seems that things are looking good with Keira Knightley though, a spy saying he was “getting cozy” with the fellow Oscar nominee in L.A. in the days leading up to the ceremony. According to the spy, “They were at Soho House two nights in a row together and definitely looked like a couple.”

Teri and George ? broken up before they even began
George Clooney is no doubt still in a hung over haze after winning the Best Supporting Actor award, however there?s one Desperate Housewife who?s probably less than pleased. Teri Hatcher is still smarting over her break up with 44-year-old George, which is apparently blamed on his huge commitment issues. According to US Weekly, their breakup was because the 41-year-old tried to get serious with the Oceans 12 star and he didn?t want a bar of it. “She wanted to have family outings with George (including bowling with her eight-year-old daughter Emerson, but he wanted nothing to do with it,” an insider says. Although they only went on their first date in late December, they have enjoyed some quality time together including dinners out and ?sleepovers?. Teri has admitted to US magazine Ladies? Home Journal that her love life has “gone from tolerable into nightmarish.” Clooney admitted to the London Sun that he?s not so great at relationships. “I’ve failed miserably at all of them,” he admits. “I can say that it was always me. You can’t describe me as a great success.” Meanwhile, Teri isn?t going to give up quite yet, telling Glamour magazine: “I have so much to be grateful for, but I don’t have a loved one to cuddle up with at night. That’s a bummer. But I know I’ll meet the right person.”

Brit’s baby belly
Britney Spears is still talking about being pregnant. She apparently told another woman in Maui?s Four Seasons Hotel that she and Kevin Federline are expecting their second. According to onlookers at the Hawaiian hotel, “Britney seems very cheerful and happy…She certainly looks pregnant. And she doesn’t seem to be making any effort to disguise the fact. She’s wearing clothes that clearly show a large tummy bump.” Apparently Kev also spoke of the news to a friend, who told Star magazine: “Kevin said, ‘Britney’s pregnant again,’ and when I expressed surprise he said, ‘Yeah, it shocked the shit out of me too.'”

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