Jake’s girlfriend collection

May 17, 2005

Jake’s girlfriend collection

We’re sure he thinks he’s pretty cute…
Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst seemed to have died after hearing what he?s been up to in the last few weeks. Last week we reported that Jake had been seen in the arms of Oscar nominee Catalina Moreno Sandino in New York?s Bungalow 8. In the past week, he?s been “hanging out” with none other than Lindsay Lohan “every chance he gets.” Apparently the pair was looking extremely cosy two nights in a row in a few hip clubs in LA. Wow that must be love! Well not according to Jake, because he?s also been seen with Canadian model Daria Werbowy. He met this beauty at the Costume Institute gala at the Met earlier this month. Ladies ladies, sure he?s cute, but he?s not that cute!

Lindsay thinks she’s fat?!
Speaking about Lindsay, she has spoken out on her apparently healthy body image, telling Teen Vogue ??Compared to a lot of actresses my age, I’m actually overweight… There are so many really, really thin girls out there.” She dismisses her sudden slim frame to a loss of baby fat and says she feels good about her new figure. It?s her partying ways which were more of a concern to studio bosses of her latest flick, Herbie: Fully Loaded, lest it damage her wholesome image. ?At the time, I was going out every night because my friends were and I thought if I wasn’t going out then I was going to miss out on something. They sat me down and talked to me about it. I was like, ‘Yeah, I need to make sure that I’m there on time.?? The PR savvy poppet is also fearful of the impact her relationships might have on her image. She told the LA Times, ?I always want to be perceived as normal and wholesome, because it’s relatable? I hope people think I’m wholesome. It’s hard after what you read in the magazines, that I’m dating every guy who’s like my father’s age. But that’s not me.”

Sharon to be a mum again
Sharon Stone is hoping her decision to adopt a second child will inspire other single women to follow their dreams. “Single women can do it all,” she told reporters at Cannes, “I would encourage all single women to stand up and show that you can be these things in the world.” The screen siren divorced her husband last year and will now bring up both children with the help of friends and family. She is in Cannes promoting her latest film, Basic Instinct 2.

Natalie Portman?s bold new haircut

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