Jamie Dornan Reveals Bizarre Thing He Told Dakota Johnson During Fifty Shades Sex Scenes

Nadia Bokody

Um…what TF??

While I’m pretty sure the majority of women – self included – wouldn’t have any complaints getting paid to get down and dirty with Jamie Dornan, it seems Christian Grey’s alter ego felt his female costar wasn’t super comfortable grinding against him for the cameras in the latest Fifty Shades instalment.

In fact, in his latest interview with The Graham Norton Show, Dornan revealed he felt the need to cut the awkward tension between him and actor Dakota Johnson on set by saying something really freakin’ weird in the middle of their heated sex scenes, including the now infamous elevator fingering scene.

Like, this is literally the last thing you’d expect the man behind sexy bad boy Christian Grey (whose penis we are still eagerly awaiting/hoping to see on screen) to say while getting hot and heavy with Anastasia Steele…

“My temptation is always just to try to make Dakota laugh…” Dornan told TGNS.

“When there’s a moment when I’m meant to orgasm, I’ll be like, ‘Doodle-doo dee-doo!’.”

Umm…what the?

All I know is if I was in Dakota Johnson’s position, I’d be very dedicated to filming as many takes necessary to get the realism just right; no wisecracks required. Just throwing that out there, Jamie.

Image and video via youtube.com.

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