Jane Fonda Says No To Airbrushing

February 3, 2011

Jane Fonda Says No To Airbrushing

She’s declared war on Hollywood’s obsession with youth by refusing airbrushing on her latest magazine cover. But is it a case of too little too late with Jane Fonda, who’s admitted to having multiple face lifts, as recent as last year?

The 73 year-old has graced the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine and looks amazing without any airbrushing. She insisted on no digital enhancements because she wanted to tackle the “cult of perfection” for celebrities.

“I feel so sorry for these young actresses coming up,’ she said in an interview with the magazine. “If they have a dimple in their buttock, there’s a close-up of it in some gossip magazine. So there’s this cult of perfection. Consequently all the young people who emulate celebrities think they have to look perfect and that’s so destructive.”

After years of extreme exercise (yes, those workout videos) and plastic surgery, Jane publicly announced in 2006 that she wanted to grow old gracefully and ridiculed actresses who had chosen to have plastic surgery.

But last year in an interview with Oprah, she admitted that she didn’t like what she saw in the mirror and decided to have a facelift – despite being the face of L’Oreal’s anti-ageing creams.

Do you applaud Jane’s efforts to celebrate women growing older gracefully, or do you find it hypocritical after having recently had a facelift? What do you think of the cover?

Image: Good Housekeeping

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