January TV & Movie Reviews

January 24, 2006

January TV & Movie Reviews

Project Runway
If you watched the first episode of this US Reality Television series last Saturday night and aren?t sure whether to pursue with watching more, definitely give it another shot. It just gets better and better! Project Runway is about 12 up-and-coming fashion designers who are competing for the opportunity to develop their own label. Each week they are given a new challenge and are judged by fashion luminaries such as Michael Kors, host Heidi Klum and fashion directors from the top labels and magazines in the US. And in true reality style, they and their models have to avoid elimination each week. The magic of this show is the creativity of the designers. They?re given simple pieces of cotton or $50 to spend in a supermarket and they come up with the most fascinating outfits. Before you know it, you?re thinking to yourself: ?I want a dress made out of corn husks too.? If you?ve got an interest in gorgeous designs, petty cat fights and pretty models, you?re going to love this show.
Arena TV, 7:30pm Saturday nights.

Keeping Mum
Reverend Walter Goodfellow (Rowan Atkinson) presides over the small parish of Little Wallop, a picturesque village in middle England. Oblivious to the discontentment of his wife Gloria (Kristin Scott Thomas), the actions of his promiscuous and rebellious daughter Grace (Tasmin Egerton) and bullied son Petey (Toby Parkes) life in the Goodfellow family is generally a disaster. That is until new housekeeper Grace Hawkins (Maggie Smith) arrives on the scene, after which a number of changes take place that start the family on a new direction, but are they ready for the truth on how these changes came about? Waggish black comedy with a surprising role by Patrick Swayze that was a nice contrast of cultures, ‘Keeping Mum’ has enough feel-good to it to keep its darker side in check.

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