Jeggings: The Big Debate

May 12, 2010

Jeggings: The Big Debate

It was bound to happen. Jeans just started getting tighter and tighter and…tighter, so inevitably the fashion world would come up with a way to make jeans, literally, skin tight. The invention? Jeggings. They’re basically leggings made from jean material, often screen printed with faux spray-on pockets, fly or belt holes and distressed and ripped for good measure.

Now whether you think they’re the latest It item or the worst thing since stirrup pants and scrunchies, there is no way to ignore them.

First seen strutting down the runway of Alexander McQueen a few seasons ago, the jegging has trickled into the high street for this coming winter. Everyone from Country Road to Supré is squeezing the item out in bulk.

So if you’re thinking of donning this denim trend we have a few tips and tricks. Firstly, opt for dark ‘denim’ or black, as these shades are universally flattering. The lighter the shade, the more bulges and bumps they’re going to show. Also keep things baggy up top with either a loose T-shirt for day and a longer top for night to go over your buttocks; balance really is the key. Finally, if there is one piece of advice you take it’s: steer clear of midriffs! No one wants a muffin top over these slinky pants.

The question remains: what will they think of next in the world of jeans? Will we actually end up painting them on next season? Start investing in denim coloured paint now.

So, will you be slipping into a pair or are you running from them as fast as your baggy boyfriend jeans can take you?

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