Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Amazing Body Secrets

May 31, 2013

Jennifer Aniston dares to bare in her role as a stripper in new movie We’re the Millers – so how does she maintain that gorgeous body? Her yoga guru Mandy Ingber shares all her body secrets and top fitness tips.

Ingber created the 28-day program called Yogalosophy and Aniston, 44, is its biggest fan.

“It’s yoga paired with toning exercises, so people who were bored with yoga might try it, or people that were really into yoga might get a little extra workout,” said Ingber in an interview with this week.

Aniston does Yogalosophy with Ingber three times a week. Every other day is “a good baseline for anything that you’re wanting to do regularly,” Ingber explained.

Aniston’s favourite pose? The tree pose. “She’s really good at it,” Ingber revealed, before explaining why it’s such a great pose for the rest of us. “It’s the ability to be able to find your sense of focus in the middle of a lot that’s going on. It runs right through the centre of the body.”

Aniston plays a stripper in the new flick to be released later this year starring Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts, helping her neighbour smuggle in drugs by pretending to be his ordinary wife. And she’s not afraid to strip down!

Ingber is now a close friend of Aniston’s after working with her on her fitness program for years. “The thing about yoga is that once you start, developing that mindfulness and that sense of connection to your body, you just want to make healthier choices.”

Watch the We’re the Millers trailer here!

Do you practise yoga? What’s your favourite pose?

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