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Jennifer Aniston’s Diet: Could You Follow It?

Jennifer Aniston’s Diet: Could You Follow It?

Jennifer Aniston’s Diet: Would You Follow It?

Jennifer Aniston’s personal chefs, sisters Jewels and Jill Elmore, have written a cookbook revealing how the actress stays slim and apparently you can have the same results.

Aniston herself wrote the introduction to the book, saying that before the sisters came along she lived off “prepackaged Zone meals, overcooked takeout and…the occasional piece of cheese.”

You wouldn’t really expect the title “The Family Chef” to deal with a body like Jen’s but it’s broken down into a children’s section, men’s section and women’s section – so does it deliver?

Jen’s breakfast is a slice of wholemeal toast spread with apple butter, followed by 1/4 cup cottage cheese and a small amount of homemade granola. Sounds do-able.

Lunch however is a little skimpier. But it’s the lunch Aniston ate every day for 10 years while filming Friends so you could get used to it! It’s a salad made from cucumber, tomatoes, a little halloumi and 1/4 cup Puy lentils.

Another lunch salad can be made with 1/4 cup white beans, fennel, tomatoes, parsley, dill and chives.

For dinner the options include a healthy chicken burrito, marinated salmon served with steamed vegetables (which Jen writes she “begs” Jewels to make for her) or white fish topped with 1/4 cup walnuts, Cajun seasoning and a beaten egg.

The Elmore sisters advice you to drink coconut water which has more potassium than two bananas – although it’s not as filling as eating two bananas!

The results are supposed to be very good, and you lose weight within the first week, although keeping the weight off in the longer term is always the greater challenge. The key points seem to be control your portion size and limit your carbs like pasta. Get your flavour from herbs and spices, not fats and dressings.

I’m thrilled Jen’s not following a radical diet and inspiring others to do the same, and it sounds like quite a logical way to lose weight or stay slim. But I do love my pasta!

What do you think, would you try this diet?

Image: Daily Mail

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