Jennifer Garner’s baby girl slip

October 4, 2005

Jennifer Garner’s baby girl slip

Jennifer Garner has spent so long being tight lipped about her relationships that she has finally let loose, twice. While on Jay Leno?s The Tonight Show last week, the heavily pregnant star basically admitted that she and husband Ben Affleck are expecting a baby girl. Jay asked her whether she knew what she was having, but Jen played it cool, saying, “We have one or the other, for sure.” But only minutes later when asked about decorating the nursery, she started telling Jay about pre-ordering baby items, laughingly saying: “Apparently you need a crib. I kind of thought shhhh[e] … this kid won’t know what’s going on.” Later, she talked about her expanding belly, “You can just start to feel really pregnant, like you are the hugest person on the face of the planet and I sat there, and first I felt bad, just because I wasn’t helping, and then I just felt bigger and bigger like she was …” After that blunder, the Alias star clapped her hands over her mouth and gave a panicked look to Jay, who quipped, “You meant to say he.” Oops.

Nicolas Cage a father
Nicolas Cage and wife Alice have just welcomed their first child into the world. Baby boy Kal-El Coppola Cage was born in New York City on October 3rd. This is the second son for Cage and the first for Alice, who have been married since July last year.

Paris split
It has been rumoured for weeks, but Paris Hilton has finally admitted that her relationship with shipping heir Paris Latsis is finished. In a statement to US Weekly magazine, she said: “I’m sad to announce that I’ve called off my engagement. Over the last couple months I’ve realised that this is the right decision for me. We remain best of friends, and I’ll always love him. I hope people will respect my privacy during this emotional time.” The pair was only engaged for five months, but experienced public criticism from his Greek parents who believed their 22-year-old was too young to be marrying. It turns out his 24-year-old fianc?e finally agreed with them, explaining to the New York Post, “I feel I’m just not ready for marriage. I have seen the break-ups between people who love each other and rush into getting married too quickly – and I do not want to make that mistake.” It seems the male Paris is still smitten with his blonde bombshell love, saying in a statement: “I don’t know what the future may hold, but I respect her decision and appreciate the very kind and generous manner in which she is handling her very difficult decision. This was the best experience of my life and I will always be grateful for it.” It doesn?t? seem to be all over though; female Paris says they still have business interests with each other, including movies in the works. We?re hoping it won?t be the sequel to her hugely popular flick with former boyfriend Rick Doherty: One Night in Paris.

Kate says to Kirsten: You can keep Orlando!

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