Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Trying To Out-Insult Each Other Is Hilarious

December 12, 2016

These two are actually too much.

Co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have been doing the press tour for their new film Passengers, and have also been getting into some pretty hilarious antics at the same time, making us love them even more.

Last week, Chris’ Instagram photos went viral when he was messing with Jennifer and cropping her out of all of his photos. This week, we were gifted with a five-minute video of the two stars roasting each other.

The actors played “Playground Insults ” during their appearance on BBC Radio 1, a game which pits celebrities against each other to see who can make the other burst out laughing first while they hurl insults at each other. No topic was off-limits; Jennifer brought Chris’ wife Anna Farris and their three year-old son into the picture, and Chris repeatedly insulted Jennifer’s career.

“It’s such a shame to meet someone you thought you’d like,” Chris brutally tells Jennifer, who hits back with a killer insult of her own. “And where do you keep your Oscar?” she playfully taunts, alluding to her 2013 win for Best Actress and Chris’ lack of one.

Jennifer even goes as far as to bring their sex scene into play, saying she had to be medicated to get through it. Ouch! Chris doesn’t take it to heart, though, and ends up winning the challenge with his own R-rated retort about their intimate scene together.

The two were unable to hold back their laughter throughout the video, which is actually really endearing considering it is two of our favorite stars verbally abusing each other. Their reactions to the insults are absolutely priceless, and you can tell the two are actually really good friends and just having a bit of harmless fun.

Take a look at the video below for some belly laughs and to get some insult-inspiration for next time you need it…

Video and images via youtube.com

Comment: Who do you think won the insult challenge? 

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