Jennifer thinks Elektra is awful

February 1, 2005

Jennifer thinks Elektra is awful

Jen Garner as Elektra
Alias star Jennifer Garner has declared her latest film, Elektra, ?awful?. She told ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan that the Daredevil spinoff wasn?t her proudest piece of work, but she was required to do it as it was in her Daredevil contract. Michael, who was quoted in the US Weekly, says he only dated his co-star for a month and a half but still maintains a friendship with Jennifer. He also says he has no problems with seeing his ex with Ben Affleck, despite the fact that he still loves her “to death.” He said, “Why would it be weird? I don’t know Ben. I don’t know how happy they are.”

Dougray Scott
Bets are on for 007 star
Leading English bookies William Hill have been taking a huge amount of bets over who will play the role of 007 in the next James Bond film. Apparently Dougray Scott, known for his roles as Major Rory Taylor in the TV series Soldier, Soldier, is one of the favourites, so much so that the bookies have been forced to close the books on him. The flurry of huge bets on the Scotsman are believed to have come from inside information, one woman even betted $2,115 at 8-1 that Dougray Scott would be the next Bond. ?She told us she had some inside information, perhaps she knew he had been to a casting – but she wouldn’t say,” according to Spokesman for William Hill, Rupert Adams. Other favourites include Closer star Clive Owen at 5-2 and Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor rank outsiders at 4-1. Pierce Brosnan was contracted for another James Bond film but was released from the contract early in 2004. The next Bond film is not due out until 2006.

In happy days
Celebrity Predictions: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
As we all know there has been the much publicised announcement regarding the separation of Hollywood’s golden couple. The next twelve months are going to be a tough time for them, and there are still going to be rumours surfacing over the next six months regarding extra-marital affairs during their time together. Brad is still hoping their will be a reconciliation, but Jennifer has made it clear she wants other things in her life. There won’t be any shortage of females wanting to capture the attention of Mr Pitt, but he will be disappointing many people by keeping his private life to himself. Jennifer has a keen desire to pursue her movie career and gain the respect of her peers, but unfortunately the public still see her as one of the lovable Friends. She will be disappointed at the lack of response from the public regarding her movies and be offered her own show on television. Jennifer will return to what she knows best. Brad on the other hand will eventually move on without her and will take on a role by September this year which will result in an Oscar by 2007. They will not reconcile and this year sees them heading off in different directions. For more celebrity predictions, check out

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