Jerry Hall Bares All About Mick Jagger

September 6, 2010

Jerry Hall Prepares To Bare All About Mick Jagger

Jerry Hall is getting ready to let the world know what life was really like with Mick Jagger, and by all accounts it’s going to be one juicy read.

In her autobiography ‘My Life In Pictures’, 54-year-old Hall reveals that Jagger was always a “dangerous sexual predator” whose addictive personality was the main reason for the demise of their relationship.

“Although I loved him and he swore undying love…I felt very unsure of him. I had weaned him off drugs, but they had been replaced by sex.

At the christening of their daughter Elizabeth in 1984

From flings with Carla Bruni during her supermodel days in the 90s to Brazilian model Luciana Morad in 1999 – whom he has a child – Jerry candidly talks about how she coped throughout his many infidelities.

“Breaking up with Mick was painful in so many ways,” says Hall. “Having a child with another woman was simply too much. The most difficult part was telling the children.”

The couple met in 1977 while Jagger was married to Bianca Jagger and Hall was dating Bryan Ferry, and although they enjoyed a local wedding ritual in Bali in 1990 they never officially married.

Eight Months Gone, by Lucian Freud

She is also selling a number of her artworks, including an infamous nude painted by celebrity artist Lucian Freud while Hall was eight months pregnant with their fourth child, Gabriel, expected to fetch $600,000.

Hall describes writing the book and holding the auction as “cathartic”. “It’s time to move on into the future.”

And how does she feel about Jagger today? “Of course I still love him; how can you unlove? But thankfully we have both moved on.”

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