Cool for Cats by Jessica Adams

October 14, 2003

In Cool for Cats aspiring music journalist Linda Tyler lists her top ten life changing songs. What are some of yours?The ten songs that changed Linda Tyler’s life aren’t mine at all. For me, it would be The Power and the Passion by Midnight Oil, which inspired me to get involved with People for Nuclear Disarmament back in the 80s, then Helicopter by XTC which got me into music in the first place, and The Nips Are Getting Bigger by Mental As Anything (they were the first rock band I ever interviewed when I was still at school.) And maybe Parklife by Blur, as it came along when I had been working in the music business for years and was utterly fed up with it – but that song got me straight back in again!

If Cool for Cats were made into a film who could you see playing Linda?

Cool For Cats has only just been published so the film rights have not been sold yet, but my cat Henry is crossing his paws.

Your next Astrology book will be one for the boys, were there any particular challenges in writing a book on Astrology for blokes?

Astrobloke has taken me years to write, which shows what complex little beasties men actually are, but it is nearly done, and Penguin will publish it in 2004. It’s everything I ever learned about men, astrology, life, the universe and everything in 20 years of professional stargazing, and it hopefully answers all those questions that women are always emailing me!

What are three things that have made a positive impression on you in the last month?

Big influences on me at the moment are Holy Cow! by Sarah McDonald, which I am reading for the third time (I am putting a quote on the cover of the English version of the book) and good old Triple J, which I have come back to after several months in London, and am thrilled to find is still the most original and creative radio station in the world.

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