Jessica Simpsons beau in Charmed

July 6, 2004

Jessica Simpsons beau in Charmed

A fresh new look
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jessica Simpson’s main man ? Nick Lachey has won his first big acting spot in the witchcraft drama Charmed for six episodes to be filmed for the next season in the states. According to the industry press, Lachey will play a guy hired as a ghost writer for witch Phoebe Halliwell’s (Alyssa Milano) advice column when she goes on a sabbatical and ends up romantically involved with her. Apparently the x-boy band singer (he was in 98 degrees in case you missed it!) was the producer’s first choice for the role. “He’s very attractive, he’s got star power and, in looking at the tapes of the acting he’s done, he’s got a fresh take, a fresh look and a natural way about him that translates into his performances,” said executive producer Brad Kern. “I feel strongly that it’s going to be a fun match with Alyssa Milano.” Ohh Aaah wonder what his wife thinks of that ? gettin? all hot and heavy with foxy Alyssa Milano??

One of the richest men in NZ
‘Rings’ Director in the money
Proving that hard work does pay off in the end, Peter Jackson has made the New Zealand rich list according to the National Business Review in Wellington. The success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy has skyrocketed his wealth from a mere $48 million last year to a massive $118 million this year, without even counting the upcoming cash from ongoing sales of merchandise, DVDS and books that look set to make him even richer. Good to see!

Dido in battles with Eminem??
Who helped whom?
Did Eminem fail to show Dido the proper gratitude for using her song Thank You in his 2000 smash hit Stan? The Chicago Sun-Times reports the British songstress is seeking legal remedies to recover the nearly $2 million she says she’s owed in royalties. According to the paper, Em is less than thrilled with the action since he feels he turned Dido into a star by sampling her song.

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