Jessica Watson’s True Spirit

August 11, 2010

Jessica Watson: True Spirit

This week marks the launch and book tour of Jessica Watson’s story, True Spirit. Last night I was lucky enough to sit in an audience while Jessica answered questions from Alan Jones and showed part of her documentary that will go to air shortly.

To say this girl and what she has achieved is amazing is in fact, an understatement. She is young at just 17, she appears fragile, she is lanky, she doesn’t have strong biceps – I know because she showed us! But she is far from fragile she is very very strong, she is confident, she is gutsy and she is lovely, she also sailed around the world on her own but she was not alone.

She constantly talked about the struggles ‘we’ had, the times ‘we’ got tipped upside down, the days ‘we’ had calm weather. Who is ‘we’? Well , that would be her and her boat Ella Pink Lady. She felt as one with her boat and was loath to leave it and step onto dry land.

Her book, True Spirit is a gutsy story. It is well written and easy to escape into. In it she details the extensive preparation she and her team made for the big voyage, her journey and the battles she fought along the way – against sleep deprivation, gale-force winds mountainous seas and the solitude most of us can only imagine.

When she sailed back into Sydney Harbour on 15 May 2010, after 210 days at sea, she was cheered in by a huge crowd that included Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, or should I say the then Prime Minister.

To many, Jessica was our newest hero. She disagreed, saying she wasn’t a hero, “just an ordinary girl who had a dream and worked hard at it and proved that anything is possible”. This is her story.

Published by Hachette. RRP $35.00

Review By Anna – Shesaid Contributor >

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