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JLo’s fear of being alone

JLo’s fear of being alone

JLo’s fear of being alone

JLo not alone
In news that doesn?t take a psychic to figure out ? Jennifer Lopez says her greatest fear is being alone. Well that explains the three husbands! She says, : “I’m fearless in that I’m not afraid to throw myself into things. In other words, I’m a big baby. I’m afraid of silly things, like the dark. I’m also very afraid of…. How can I put this? Maybe it’s because I’m from a large family, but I developed this thing where I don’t want to be alone. So I’m afraid of that.” She and her third husband Marc Anthony performed a duet at Sunday night?s Grammy Awards.

Pete Doherty
Kate Moss dumps Pete
Kate Moss has dumped her boyfriend Pete Doherty after intimate photographs of the couple taken on his phone appeared in the newspaper. He is reportedly ?stunned?, saying he has no idea how the photographs came to be published. “Pete is at a real low. Kate hit the roof last week when he spoke about their relationship. Then the pictures surfaced and that was the final straw.” Pete is currently in rehabilitation trying to end his drug addiction. “I can’t believe Kate has done this to me now.The only reason I’m trying to get clean is because I love her so much.”

Kate Moss
As predicted in ‘Celebrity Predictions’: Kate Moss
Life has pretty much been a rollercoaster ride for the world famous model and this year is set to bring many surprises for her. Ms Moss has been having a hard time lately and trying to make up her mind what she wants from a relationship. I see her taking some time out from the spotlight and making some serious changes in her life. Her current relationship with wild rocker Pete Doherty is going to end before it has even started and she will head back into the arms of the father of her child. Kate’s wild partying will lead to several big brand companies dropping her as their cover girl, and this will make her reevaluate what is important to her and her family.
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