Joan Rivers Dies, Aged 81

September 5, 2014
Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was most commonly known for two things – her extensive cosmetic surgery and a biting tongue. The wit and sarcasm of Ms Rivers snr was second to done and it was funny every time.

Sadly, she passed away this morning after a week-long hospitalisation that came about due to complications during surgery in her vocal chords.

With a career spanning seven decades, Rivers started out performing stand-up routines in comedy clubs in NYC in the 1960s which led her her big break on the The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1965. From then on, Rivers continued on the late-night circuit, the talk show circuit and, in 1978, wrote and directed the film Rabbit Test, starring Billy Crystal.

But, most recently, Rivers – alongside her daughter Melissa – is most well known for annihilating celebrities on the red carpet with one question: “Who are you wearing?” This became the basis for the TV show Fashion Police, where Rivers and her team delight in ripping to shreds (metaphorically speaking) what A-list celebrities are wearing.

Her sense of humour was the shining beacon and, in her recent book, she even went into specific details on what to do/and not to do when she dies:

  • Make sure the guy who cuts the tombstone is a good speller.
  • Don’t break the news to my friends by singing “A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Joan’s Finally in a Casket.”
  • Please make sure no one knows Melissa’s last words to me were, “Just sign this.”

At least her humour will live on. RIP Joan Rivers.

Image via Charles William Bush

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