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September 1, 2001

Cyber Careers

Job-Hunting Online

By Denise Montgomery

Imagine this: it’s Monday morning, you’re sitting at work. You’ve got Saturday’s paper stretched out across your desk, and with highlighter in hand you are busily circling adverts; you’re so engrossed in your task that you don’t notice your boss making her way across the office towards you until it’s too late. You fumble awkwardly with pages of newsprint, you try to look casual, but it’s no good. You know you’ve been caught red-handed! Gulp!

Now, imagine this: it’s Monday morning, you’re sitting at work. There’s no newspaper on your desk, no highlighter in your hand. You’re engrossed in the jobs advertised on your computer screen, so engrossed that you don’t notice your boss making her way across the office towards you until she’s standing at your desk. Within a heartbeat you hit “alt tab” and casually engage in conversation with your boss.

No comparison! Traditional job-hunting is murder on the nerves if you’re trying to hunt at work. Trawling through the situations vacant column in a newspaper looking for a job is just soooo yesterday.

With your bum planted firmly on a chair you can research a company that you think you might to work for, as well as look for specific jobs all over the country – even all over the world. Gone are the days of having to pull out your “best” stationery, and turn the house upside-down to find a stamp. Online job-hunting allows you to make the initial contact online, whilst you’re feeling inspired, just fire off an email. You can usually create a resume at online job sites, but it is best to have one prepared beforehand so you can attach it or cut and paste the relevant bits into the resume form. So what are you waiting for? Click to it!

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Denise Montgomery is a senior journalist with the award-winning magazine New Zealand NetGuide (www.netguide.co.nz) – one of Australasia’s fastest growing technology publications. Launched in September 1996, its success led to the launch of a sister publication, Australian NetGuide (www.netguide.au.com). NetGuide is a consumer magazine, written in a non-techie way, that &gets you to the best stuff on the Net&.

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