Jodi Anasta’s Favourite Pregnancy Beauty Products

February 25, 2014

Puretopia skin cares ambassador Jodi Anasta is due to have her baby in just three weeks, so we asked her a few questions about her favourite pregnancy beauty products, skin changes that she has experienced throughout the pregnancy and her hospital essentials beauty bag.

Have you noticed any skin changes during your pregnancy?
I’ve noticed that my skin has cleared up completely. I’ve never ever had such clear, smooth skin in my life, which has given me added confidence.

What is one product that you can’t live without from the range?
Eye rescue is my favourite! I apply it every night & I find my eyes feel more refreshed and uplifted every morning- I would recommend it to everyone.

Do you feel more comfortable using natural products during pregnancy?
Yes absolutely – obviously for health reasons it much better to use as many natural products as possible so it’s great to be able to work along side Puretopia who have an extensive range of natural products that really help my skin. Even for women who aren’t pregnant I would recommend these products as they contain the most beautiful natural ingredients that really do work.

What have you learnt about your skin since falling pregnant?
My skin has improved so much since I fell pregnant. It’s amazing how hormones affect your skin & how natural products can really help to balance things out.

What have you done about skin pigmentation during your pregnancy?
Yes pigmentation has been my biggest problem. I find it’s quite hard to cover with makeup especially  when I don’t like wearing a lot of foundation. But I know it will fade, if not disappear post baby. If I need some assistance, my plans is to book in for some facial peels & after the baby is born and it is safe to be treated.

Any other surprising beauty-related things to have happened since falling pregnant?
I do have a glow to my skin that has intensified the further I travel into my pregnancy. I feel it’s the right combination of healthy eating, hormones and using all my natural beauty products.

Which products will you be packing your hospital bag?
I’ll be taking quite a few products with me including Instant Moisturise, Eye Rescue and the new Rose Hip Serum which I will be using religiously! Two of these products are my favourites. I use them every day and I will continue to after baby is born. My skin has never been better so I’ll be continuing with my routine.

What is your number one piece of advice to other pregnant women?
Just to take care of yourself in every way you can. Eating right, exercising if you feel up to it & most importantly using natural products on your skin as it all gets absorbed by the baby. My skin is so sensitive so I feel that taking good care of it throughout this pregnancy has helped me a lot. Rose Hip Serum & Bio Oil are both amazing products I use religiously!

What were your favourite beauty products while pregnant?

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