Joh Bailey’s Tips To Rock Your Specs With Fabulous Hair

May 18, 2011

Joh Bailey’s Tips To Rock Your Specs With Fabulous Hair

Specsavers and leading TRESemme head stylist Joh Bailey have teamed up to show women how to rock your specs with fabulous hair. Here’s what Joh has to say:

The Sexy Geek

I love this look! Messy, textured hair teamed with strong frames, makes the look more sexy chic than geek. My tip is to loosely tie hair up in a messy pony tail after spritzing it with TRESemme Naturals Finishing Spray for added texture, then
let strands hang loose to shape the face, complementing the dark glasses.

To get this look try Tommy Hillfiger 48 25263510.

The Sophisticated Flirt

The best thing about glasses is they can give you an instant sophisticated look — which is all the more reason for fun, playful hair. To get that feminine, flirty style I
suggest leaving hair out, taming any frizz with TRESemme 24 Hour Body Straightening Balm, then slowly tousling locks with a curling iron for loose ringlets and natural waves. A gorgeous contrast!

To get this look try Specsavers S Selby frames 25242096.

The Flashback Femme Fatale

For statement eyewear like cat-eye glasses, let them shine with slicked back hair. They demand a lady—like hairstyle, so I suggest holding hair back with a thick Alice-style band and rolling it into a 50s fashioned bun. Why not go all out with
this look and get some height? Use lots of pins to hold hair in place and spray with TRESemme Freeze Hold Salon Hairspray. A pulled-up, retro hairstyle really puts your
frames in the spotlight.

To get this look try Specsavers Edna frames 21660429.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Glasses like these speak for themselves, so I would tone hair down completely. Blow-dry hair straight and leave it as natural and sleek as possible. Large frames can make a head look small so I suggest leaving your hair out to keep features
in proportion. Apply TRESemme Smoothing Crème to your ends for a nice finish and then, the look is good to go.

To get this look try H Kier frames 25177213.

Do you wear glasses or are contacts more your style?

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