Join the SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting Challenge 2006!

January 10, 2006

Join the SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting Challenge 2006!

As we enter 2005 everyone is setting about achieving his or her new years? resolutions. But how many of those news years resolutions will actually be achieved? To empower our readers in achieving their goals in 2006 we have designed the SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting Challenge for 2006!

What is the SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting Challenge for 2006?
The SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting Challenge for 2006 is a 4 week goal setting and coaching program that will empower you to achieve your goals!

What will you achieve if you take up the challenge?
? You will identify your long term career goals
? You will take measurable steps towards achieving your long terms goals by setting clear goals for 2006
? You will turn your career goals into a clear action plan
? You will using the CareersCoach goal setting program to set calendar reminders and follow up your goals
? Identify how to overcome obstacles and challenges
? Achieve greater career satisfaction

How long does the challenge last?
? We have designed a 4-week goal setting/coaching program for you to follow. All activities are designed so that you can spend as little as fifteen minutes on each task or as long as you want
? Once the 4 week challenge is over you will have set yourself some yearly goals that you can work towards all year

What goal setting/coaching tools do I get if I join the challenge?
? Weekly career and goal setting coaching tips on the SheSaid website
? 1-month of free access to the CareersCoach goals setting program
? A 12-month plan to allow you to achieve your goals

How do I join?
All you need to do to join the challenge is to simply read the newsletter each week to receive the latest instructions. To sign up for the free SheSaid newsletter, click here In addition to free career advice, you will receive gossip, competitions and information about relationships, sex, beauty, travel and much more, sent directly to your inbox!

Can my friends join the challenge?
Yes, simply get your friends to join the SheSaid newsletter by sending them this link. To start on time they will need to log in either this week or next week.

When does the challenge start?
Next week! You have one more week of holiday before you get ready to set your goals for 2006!

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