Joshua Jackson in love

March 15, 2005

Joshua Jackson in love

Aw remember Pacey!
Now Chris Klein and Katie Holmes have broken up, many a romantic wished Dawson?s Creek characters Pacey and Joey could reunite in real life. Unfortunately, Pacey?s real life alter ego, Joshua Jackson, has found love in the arms of another woman. He is dating 28-year-old British socialite Hannah Sanding. The American heartthrob has been living in London, performing in the West End play, A Life in the Theatre, and has made no secret of the fact he wished to meet some female friends while in England. At Sunday night?s Empire Film Awards, he waltzed in late with Hannah on his arm and according to onlookers, they had their arms around each other. “They looked very cosy and kept whispering and giggling together throughout the meal.” Oooh!

The Desperate Housewives cast
Desperate Housewives say no to porn
The cast of US hit TV show Desperate Housewives have turned down $12 million to pose for Playboy. According to The Sun, the magazine bosses wanted Teri Hatcher, Nicolette Sheridan, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman to star in a special issue. According to main star Teri Hatcher, the cast did consider it carefully: “I looked at it seriously but it’s inappropriate. It’s just an opportunity to see celebrities without their clothes.” Yet another reason why we love these moral and talented women!

Keira Knightly looks more than dubious
Keira Knightly admitted she got drunk on brandy and vodka before stripping off for her sex scene with Adrien Brody in The Jacket. She said she was feeling nervous, but the alcohol? ?helped – but doing these scenes feels completely unreal. You get on with someone and all of a sudden you’re naked and away at it.”… Meg Ryan has taken professional photographs for US Glamour magazine. Her assignment was to take photos of women she really admires, so she chose CNN personality Christiane Amanpour and Jordan’s Queen Noor as her “gutsy heroes”.

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