Jude and Sadie back together?

November 8, 2005

Jude and Sadie back together?

Jude Law and Sienna Miller have been seen partying the night away in London sparking rumours of reconciliation however it seems Jude has also been getting on famously with ex-wife Sadie Frost. Sadie told an Italian magazine: “My relationship with Jude is the first priority for me. I’m spending all my time with Jude – I can’t do anything else. It’s important that we find each other, important for the children and me.” Although the pair divorced in 2003, they have three children together and have since developed a firm friendship. An insider also told a UK newspaper, the pair: “…seem to have come full circle. Sadie has told friends that she still loves Jude and that he still loves her. Things used to be so bad that when Jude picked up the children, he and Sadie did not even speak. But now he will often stay for a meal. She says the old spark is back and she certainly seems to have a twinkle in her eye.” They were even seen out and about last month enjoying a day at a London museum with their children. Stay tuned.

Kirsten & Jake to split?
Are Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal heading for a breakup again? The pair have been together since late 2002 how patched it up got back together and all seemed good, however according to friends, Jake is getting sick of their relationship. “Jake is looking for a way out,” a source close to the couple says, “He says he’s getting tired of Kirsten’s constant partying, and I think he regrets getting involved with her again.” Apparently Kirsten has been enjoying her Elizabethtown promotional tour a little too much. The 23-year-old returns her boyfriend?s calls at 4am when Jake is well and truly asleep and stories keep coming back to the 24-year-old about Kirsten flirting with other boys while on tour. According to one source, she is actually contemplating resurrecting her relationship with old flame Tobey Maguire. “Kirsten’s been waxing nostalgic about Tobey, and I think she sees their reunion on Spider-Man 3 as a chance to see if there are still sparks.” Of course, her rep has said the age old comment about the pair: they’re “just friends.”

Ashlee Simpson?s diva-esque tantrum
It seems Ashlee Simpson has matured into a real live diva, in the most unlikely location. The 20-year-old was visiting a Toronto McDonalds at 1:30am last Wednesday when she tried to climb over the counter then launched a verbal attack on the innocent staff member. Apparently the blonde starlet appeared drunk and had to be told by the staff member to get off the counter. According to one onlooker, “Ashlee seemed out of it. She was swaying, staggering and could hardly stand. She kept leaning over the counter and her head was rocking.? Although her friend was attempting to get her off the counter, Ashlee was yelling: “Oh please get the manager, I would love to talk to the manager.” She then told the employee: ?I promise your manager will be nice to me.” The employee replied: “I don’t think so.” ?I bet you he will,” she replied. “I bet you five million dollars!” According to onlookers, ?those who knew who she was couldn’t believe what they were seeing. She was a joke and the vibe she was giving off was I’m a star and I can do what I like. She seemed really impatient that the food was taking a long time.” Ashlee has only just managed to rectify her career after the embarrassing lip syncing debacle on Saturday Night Live last year. It looks like her reputation might be back down the toilet again after this little display.

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