Julia Roberts Lets It All Hang Out – Again

September 1, 2010

Julia Roberts Lets It All Hang Out – Again

She’s one of the world’s most glamourous women but it seems Julia Roberts either doesn’t have time to shave her underarms – or just prefers it that way.

In 1999 Roberts flashed her hairy armpits at the premiere of romcom Notting Hill. Afterwards she said she was too busy to shave.

Yesterday Roberts was seen at a beach in Hawaii relaxing with her husband and kids, and again showed off her unshaven look.

I recently read about a bride-to-be who’s bridesmaid doesn’t shave her underarms, and she was worried about how she would look in the wedding photos. She was unsure if she should ask her friend to shave, or accept her friend’s tastes.

So what do you think? Are hairy armpits ok, or even sexy? Or are you put off at the sight of them?

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