July Entertainment (con’t)

July 13, 2004

July Entertainment (con’t)

Water Lily
Susanna Jones
RRP $22

After winning awards for her first novel The Earthquake Bird, there were many anxiously awaiting Susanna Jones?s new novel Water Lily. This book centres around two people ? Runa is a beautiful Japanese school teacher who flees her homeland after an affair with one of her students. Ralph is an Englishman who travels to China to fine a new bride after the death of his first wife. The pair cross paths on a ferry in Shanghai and fall in love. But both the characters have a mysterious past and they find their new desires are somehow related to their previous misdemeanors. Although this book can be a little slow to get into, the end is worth getting to. Somehow the culture and the way the story was told seemed more interested than the characters themselves.

RRP $22 but only $19.80 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

The Last Love Story
Rodney Hall
RRP $22.00

The Last Love Story is a novel that wears its heart on its sleeve. Set in an unnamed city divided in two by politics, a river and a razor-wire border, it is the story of two young people from opposite sides of the river. Paul is a Northerner, stranded in the South when the barriers went up. At the start he meets Judith, a person he has long been searching for, and a romance develops, leading to a journey to the north. The novel is deeply engaged with the idea of walls: those between peoples (such as in Israel or Berlin) and those we put around people to trap them. In a vein of politically engaged speculative fiction (covering similar ground to Orwell?s 1984), it will appeal to readers who enjoy a meticulous and serious novel.

RRP $22 but only $19.80 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Out of Darkness
Zoltan Torey
RRP $25

If you?re into battles against the odds, this true story is the ultimate. Zoltan Torey escaped from his native Hungary soon after World War Two. He arrived in Australia with little more than pure ambition, and a few years later was studying dentistry by day and working multiple jobs to pay the bills. At 22 while working at a battery factory, a faulty drum of acid in fell on him and left him permanently blind. Instead of following the Royal Blind Society?s advice of concentrating on his remaining senses, Torey rebuilds his visual world from the inside. Fascinated by the power of the brain, he explains exactly how he functions and the world that he sees. This book is an inspirational journey following someone who has seemingly been at the brink of the end but has turned his life around to be an enriching and fascinating experience.

RRP $25 but only $22.50 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

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