July Winter Heart Warmers

July 2, 2010

July Winter Heart Warmers

One Day in May By Catherine Alliott

Penguin Books RRP $32.95

One fine day in May, Hattie’s life changes for ever… Single mother Hattie has plenty of reasons to be happy. Her antiques business is flourishing, her teenage son is settled at boarding school and she’s enjoying a fling with a younger, very sexy man. But when her job takes her back to the idyllic village of Little Crandon, painful memories of her first love – Dominic Forbes, the married politician she worked for years ago, the man who changed the course of her life – come flooding back…

Things come to a head when Hattie bumps into Dominic’s widow and his gorgeous younger brother, Hal, in the village and she finds her world turned upside down. Will Hattie come clean about what really happened with Dominic all those years ago? And, if she does, is she ready to face the consequences? Whatever happens, Hattie comes to realize that you can’t keep running from your mistakes. It’s time to move on and maybe, just maybe, let herself fall in love again…

Shesaid Says:

This is an enjoyable read provided you like your chick lit to have a bit more substance than the usual light reading. As one reviewer did comment though, historical accuracy even in chick lit novels should still be important and be correct, as in this story the characters are emailing in the early 90’s when fax machines and internal memo’s were much more the way for interoffice communication. That said, Alliot’s descriptions of the English and French countryside brought the scenery to life with a genuine authenticity. Great fun, witty read, easy to put it down and then pick it up again in a couple of days and soon pick the story up again. This would be perfect to read by an open fire with hours to spend getting lost in this romantic tale. Well we can wish can’t we?
Check out an interview with Catherine Alliot on being an author. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2hE1W8OWCw

Love and Other U Turns By Louisa Deasey

Allen and Unwin RRP $32.99

What possessed a young woman to turn her back on all the comforts of city life to travel outback roads in a broken down Mazda (with dodgy air conditioning) with nothing but a laptop and a hair straightener in the glove box? A laughter-filled memoir that proves that love is the best reason to do anything.

‘Some kinds of adventure are always worth the risk…’ When fate decided to connect an inner-city journalist with an unlikely comedian at a wacky astrology night, a few hours was all it took to fall in love. What follows is a love story like no other, set against the backdrop of the uncompromising Australian landscape. From supping with bikies in the desert to filing fashion columns from skimpy-clad pubs in the goldfields, Love and Other U-Turns is an exploration of the balance between passion and security, love and freedom, and what it really takes to live your dreams. If you’ ve ever wondered what it’s like for a girl to hit the dirt roads of Australia with a laptop full of hope and a hair straightener in the glove box, this book is for you.

Louisa Deasey is one of Australia’s leading freelance journalists in the lifestyle arena. In seven years of freelancing she has had over a thousand features, interviews and columns published in national newspapers and magazines, including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, the Australian and the Daily Telegraph. She particularly enjoys writing about travel, health and beauty. Louisa currently lives in Melbourne with an extra large coffee mug and a fantastic collection of magazines. Love and Other U-Turns is her first book.

Shesaid Says:

Wow! A true story about what happens when you follow your heart! This is a perfect novel for those ultimate romantics out there who still believe we might, eventually find the man of our dreams, and when you do we will chuck it all and follow him to the end of the earth. Hold the phone chicks, but this actually happened! Louisa Deasey is a freelance writer. She like us, likes a good glass of wine and civilised conversation. She also likes classical music, having a clean and extensive wardrobe and living in the city. Suprisingly, over a year she was filing her stories about handbags and lipsticks from the back of a dusty beat-up Mazda as she had fallen in love and run away with “Australia’s Crudest Comedian” Jimbo. This is an engaging, travel memoir, quasi self-help book, Louisa Deasey refers to her year-long road trip with Jim as ‘Survivor—Romance Style’. Read this hilarious and heart warming journey, and live vicariously through Louisa as she chucks it all in for love! Go Girl!

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