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Antonio Banderas
Shrek 2 Premiere

Our roving reporter Steph was mixing with the stars at the Shrek 2 premiere last week….

Shrek returned to our shores last week and brought with him the very sexy Antonio Banderas. The Australian Premiere of Shrek 2 was the hottest ticket in town! Antonio had nothing but praise for Sydney, ‘Every person I saw had a smile on their face, I cannot wait to return to spend more time in this beautiful country!’ We can only guess why all the girls were smiling.

Antonio was joined on the red carpet by Pop Stars, Austalian Idols, Big Brother contestants and a multitude of lucky ticket holders for what is one of the funniest must see movies of the year.

Escape Velocity
The cast of Shrek 2 is talent personified, Jennifer Saunders, Julie Andrews and John Cleese along with Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and who can forget Eddie Murphy as Donkey.

‘Unbecoming’ in Escape Velocity
Escape Velocity
Last Thursday marked the world premiere of two new plays by Newcastle based writer Kel Watson. Unbecoming and Eat Up are the two one act plays that together make up Escape Velocity. Unbecoming focuses around Micah (Caitlin Wright), a young women who is waiting for someone. As she waits, a strange and mysterious character called Redhed (Helen Thearle) keeps her company. But who is Redhed, and why does Micah feel so sinful and wrong? With the arrival of her visitor, Skye (Scarlet McGlynn) will Micah learn she isn?t as alone and as strange as she is being led to believe? Eat Up is a one woman show (starring Elisa Ashenden) that takes the audience on a journey of self discovery. Each character shows a unusual character, all struggling to find their place in society. But they all demonstrate the differences in the Australian society, and force the audience to question their own social structure.

Both these plays examine femininity, sexuality and religion in modern society. They show an intimate window into the souls of some of society?s most troubled members. A young Christian girl searching for her sexuality, a battered wife running from violence, a girl who?s boyfriend gang-raped another woman. Produced by Pandoras Box Productions and directed by Ben Flaxman and Narelle Nash, these plays show a unique voice in Australian theatre.

Escape Velocity is performing at Tap Gallery, Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst: June 10 ? 26. Book through 8230 1013 or Pandoras Box.

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Win a holiday to Bali