Justin Bieber Caught In The Nude With A Flamingo

August 7, 2016

Oh behaaaaave.

Justin Bieber has taken a page out of Orlando Bloom’s book and emerged wearing nothing but his birthday suit while on vacay in Hawaii.

And he wasn’t alone in his nude escapades – his Aussie swimwear model girlfriend Sahara Ray also embraced the freedom, skinny-dipping with him in a rock pool.

What’s even better is that they took to Instagram to share the intimate moments with their fans.

Here’s Ray channeling her mermaid side…

A photo posted by Sahara Ray (@sahara_ray) on

And here’s the Biebs with his new best friend…

The censored photos were published by New York Daily News – but thankfully our beloved public paparazzi were never too far from the action (see an uncensored comparison of Bieber and Bloom right here).

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Bieber’s bits. In 2015 we saw him holidaying in the nude in none other than Bora Bora. And remember back in 2012 when uncircumcised dick pics were released? He denied it was his, but we all knew the truth.

It’s great to see him openly loving his body. What a time to be alive!

Comment: Whose manhood do you prefer: Bieber’s or Bloom’s? 


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