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Justin Timberlake throws up in his own restaurant

Justin Timberlake throws up in his own restaurant

Justin Timberlake throws up in his own restaurant

Did he or didn’t he?
Justin Timberlake reportedly partied a little too much over the weekend and threw up all over his Los Angeles restaurant. According to America?s Star Magazine, the pop singer was eating at Chi, when it all became a little too much for him. A source told the magazine, “He really overdid it. He partied until he puked, right there at the bar.” Staff allegedly were discussing how much they could get for his vomit on Ebay. But of course, according to his rep, there was no such incident: “That’s not true. I’m sure he’s thrown up in his life before, but not at that restaurant.”

Celebrity weddings ? Bennifer II
They?ve been denying it for months, but finally Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have tied the knot and admitted that they are indeed expecting their first child. The ceremony was held in the Caribbean and the pair spent their first night as a married couple at Bruce Willis’ hideaway on the Turks and Caicos island where the wedding took place. According to reps, “Ben and Jennifer wanted to slope off and get married without the glare of the spotlight. They only invited their close family members and they got married on a beautiful Caribbean beach.”

Lindsay?s idea of a party
Lindsay Lohan has been accused of encouraging a friend to jump from her hotel suite balcony into the swimming pool below. Guests at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel claim they were in the Tropicana bar and witnessed an unnamed young man leap from the second-story balcony and almost miss the room. According to a witness, “Lindsay spent last weekend in the $1,500-a-night Marilyn Monroe suite. She had a guy friend partying with her in her suite who jumped from the balcony into the pool and almost missed. Hotel staff were horrified.” But Lindsay is claiming the accusations to be totally false, her publicist saying “If this happened, Lindsay was unaware of it. She emailed me and said, ‘I’ve stayed at that hotel – that never happened.'”

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