Kate Moss married?

September 13, 2005

Kate Moss married?

Pete Doherty and Kate Moss? relationship. According to the UK Sun newspaper, the pair held a private engagement party at London?s Dorchester Hotel. Sources say, “Some say it was a pre-engagement party to tell pals about their plans to marry. Others say it was to celebrate friends opening a new restaurant.” But was actually a wedding? On the weekend, the Babyshambles singer announced to reporters that he and Kate had recently married in secret. The pair was attending the birthday party of Sadie Frost?s three-year-old son Rudy, when Pete raised his wedding finger at photographers. He said: “You’ve missed it. This is not a rude gesture, I’m just showing you my ring.”

Princess Jordan of tack
Tacky is the word being used to describe the nuptials between Australian pop singer Peter Andre and his busty fianc?e Jordan. According to reports, the wedding was straight from a fairytale, with Jordan arriving in a pink pumpkin drawn by six white horses. There were fluffy pink thrones for the pair, a Willy Wonka style chocolate fountain and a wedding ring “almost the size of a Jaffa cake”. The bride wore a tight pink gown covered in crystals with a 25ft long, 8ft wide train. According to one guest, ?The whole event was an incredible spectacle, from the outrageous pink thrones to Jordan’s outfit. She couldn’t walk properly and it took four bridesmaids to help her sit down. She could have used some advice on good taste.” We think her good taste went out the window when she agreed to marry Peter Andre?

Helpful Hollywood Stars
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, it?s good to see some Hollywood stars using their power for good instead of evil. Matthew McConaughey has turned his efforts to the animal victims of the disaster, vowing to stay in the rescue zone until he?s helped rescue as many dogs, cats and hamsters as he can. Sean Penn has been labelled a hero for his work in the region. According to one journalist, “I witnessed him rescuing up to 40 people. He was up to his waist in toxic muck. I’m not going to comment on Sean’s trips to Iraq or Iran, but in this case, he was an American hero.” Jay-z and Diddy have donated over $1.3 million and are donating clothes from their fashion lines to the victims and Jennifer Lopez has also donated money, saying she felt compelled to do what she could after she was left speechless by a TV news report.

Britney not in hospital yet

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