Kate Moss to play lesbian with Charlize Theron

February 21, 2006

Kate Moss to play lesbian with Charlize Theron

Kate Moss is tipped to play a lesbian in Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee?s latest film. According to ITV, he is working on a film based on the life of singer Dusty Springfield who will be played by Charlize Theron. Kate is expected to play the role of a socialite who is one of Dusty?s early lovers. Dusty was known for her bisexual relationships, once saying ?Look, let’s say I’ve experimented with most things in life. And in sex. I suppose you can sum it up that I remain right down the middle.? The film will track her life, from her birth in Hampstead, England to her death from breast cancer in 1999. A source said: “Kate’s the ideal choice to play the love of Dusty’s early life. She’s beautiful, aloof and she epitomises swinging London. There’ll probably be sexual scenes but as Ang is behind the camera they will be very tastefully done. Kate’s character breaks Dusty’s heart and sparks off the chain of tumultuous relationships that dogged her throughout her life.”

Nicole’s ex moves onto Heather Graham
It looks like Nicole Richie?s ex Adam ?DJ AM? Goldstein is recovering quite nicely from the split: apparently he?s been spending increasing amounts of time with Heath Ledger?s ex Heather Graham. According to the New York Daily News, the pair has been growing closer although there?s no word as to whether their relationship is serious. Perhaps they?re consoling each other: Heather?s recent sitcom Emily?s Reasons Why Not was dumped by US television after only one episode was shown. It seems Nicole doesn?t have too many bothers with it; she and Adam were recently spied having dinner together in Los Angeles.

SPOTTED: Idol Host James Mathison & 2004 Big Brother star Ashalea McWalters
Thanks to SheSaid reader Paiten-Lee for this scoop! “Whilst on my last visit to Sydney’s Luna Park last month I spotted Australian Idol Host James Mathison and Big Brother housemate Ashalea McWalters together! They were hugging and I saw them kiss once!! Apparently they hit it off @ the year before last year at The Kids Choice Nickelodeon Awards. They make the cutest couple and when I had Ashalea for a few moments she was willing to chat for a minute! I managed to ask her are you and James really together. her response was so Ashalea and cute: ‘Yes we are, he is a nice boyfriend to me, do you think he is cute?’ Of course we do Ash!! You’re so lucky!!!”

Bored Britney
Britney Spears is dying to get out of the house and back to work. She said: “This may sound weird but I miss travelling. I miss the road, seeing different places and being with the dancers and having fun. That feeling of being on the stage, knowing it’s your best – I love that. I needed a break. I needed to be hungry again. I belong out there. I can do these things.” Although she hasn?t worked since the birth of her son Sean Preston, Brits has no fear about the competition in the female pop star category, saying she?s been keeping an eye on the new releases, but no one has been similar to herself. “It’s a huge lull,” she claims. “I haven’t seen anybody out there who has had a performance where I’m like, ‘That’s awesome.’ It’s been boring. Nothing’s been wow to me.” Hmm someone sounds a little cocky?

Keira’s hairy leg drama

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