Kate Waterhouse’s Tea Party Tips

August 10, 2012

What’s more fun than throwing a tea party for you and your friends? Kate Waterhouse has some fun twists on everything from tasty treats to goodie bags that will turn you into the hostess with the mostess!

1. If the idea of cucumber sandwiches bores you, or the thought of sugary cakes gives you a stomach ache, try something a bit more refreshing to go with your Lipton Ice Green Tea. Sesame crusted sushi, Vietnamese rice paper rolls or chilli-salted edamame are not only lighter options they’re bound to get your taste buds pumping.

2. For a refreshing twist on party treats for your guests, serve a selection of exotic fruits such as dragonfruit, starfruit or lychees cut up and arranged on beautiful oriental platters. Experiment with different fruits to find the types that best complement your green iced tea selection.

3. Instead of using old glasses and china, serve your treats in an unexpected way. For an ultramodern aesthetic, serve everything on glass or stainless steel. If your taste is more modern-eclectic, scavenge local vintage stores and antique shops for unusual or unique glasses, plates, and tableware.

4. Set the mood with some ambient lighting. Round paper lanterns and clusters of tapered candles provide a soft but striking effect to any room and will help make your guests feel ‘at home’.

5. Instead of drinking one type of Ice Green Tea, turn the occasion into a taste-test party. It’s an excellent excuse to show off your designer glassware and accommodate your guests’ palates. Set out several pitchers or jugs and pour a different type of Ice Green Tea in each one. So you know what you’re drinking, make little folded display cards ahead of time to stand in front of each jug.

6. Rather than sending your guests handwritten letters (very old world), invite your guests online. A quick Facebook event page will give you a chance to monitor RSVPs or for a personalised touch, hit the web for pre-prepared e-invites. There are lots of different templates you can use, depending on your style and theme.

7. For a special touch, make your own flavoured ice cubes. They look divine and will keep your drinks refreshingly chilled throughout the day. Just add a little lemon juice and peel to water and pour into ice cube trays. Or for a summery mango twist, blitz mango and ice and pour the puree into trays to freeze. Alternatively, freeze your favourite Lipton Ice Green Tea into cubes so the tea won’t dilute throughout the day.

8. Flowers are a must and don’t have to break the bank. Arrange pretty posies of your favourites around the table, or for a vintage touch, use old jam jars and bottles as vases. Now place single-stemmed flowers in each and clutter them around the space.

9. Everyone loves to dress up, so to get guests excited, give your day a special theme – whether it’s dressing in a particular colour or going for more of an specific dress code like Oriental Bazaar or Mediterranean Delight – either way it will provide some entertaining photo moments which you can share with everyone post-event.

10. Everyone loves a goodie bag; so why not make your own? If cooking’s not a hardship, whip up some savoury spiced relishes for guests to try at home. Pour them into old jars and wrap in beautiful paper with a simple string. Or if you’ve got more of a sweet tooth and so do your guests, why not give them a selection of hand-picked sweets from your local deli? It’s the little touches that will make the day memorable.

What’s your favourite tea party tip?

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