Kathleen Turner pretended to be drunk

November 15, 2005

Kathleen Turner pretended to be drunk

Kathleen Turner says she preferred to be considered a drunk rather than admit her real medical problem. The 51-year-old actor suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and is moving to Italy because of the narrow minded opinions of American directors. She says she was afraid of getting work because of Hollywood?s obsession of youth. “My hands were very crippled for a while, so I kept dropping glasses and things because I couldn’t grip them. Some of the medications make you blow up and puffy, so the rumour was that I had a drinking problem. It was safer for me to let people think I was drinking than to tell them that I had this. They always hire drunks, all the time. But they wouldn’t hire someone with a disease they didn’t understand.”

Kenny devastated by Renee split
Kenny Chesney has spoken out about his break-up with Renee Zellweger. He told USA Today that it was like watching helplessly while someone steals his television off the wall in front of him while he?s in the middle of watching a game. An interesting analogy, but fortunately he doesn?t always using sporting comparisons to explain his feelings. “It would’ve been a bad thing if I hadn’t met [her],” he told the reporter. And when asked if he regrets the union, the country singer answers in the negative. “Not at all, no. Because she and I fell in love like a couple of school kids. I’m glad to know that happens, that that exists.”

Angelina Jolie has been asked to play the leading lady in the next James Bond film, however she hasn?t made her decision yet. According to an insider, she would have the role of a Russian agent however before she accepts, she wishes to toughen up. “Angelina would rather play a baddie than eye candy,” the source says? Madonna has promised to sing in a London club without any backing vocalists. Since being accused by Elton John of lip syncing last year, she?s been hoping to win back any respect lost by her fans. She will perform in London?s Koko club in front of an audience of 1,500.

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