Katie and Tom – is it all a sham?

May 3, 2005

Katie and Tom – is it all a sham?

Are they for real?
Tom Cruise snuggling up to his new love, Katie Holmes while in Italy last week. Apparently Tom really wanted to make an impression on Katie, filling their $5000 a night presidential penthouse hotel suite with jewellery and flowers as well as 40 Armani outfits so Katie could choose her favourite outfit. 42-year-old Tom has gushed of his new love, “She’s an extraordinary woman. It’s like a dream … It’s beautiful … I feel really happy … I’m more than enamored.” But critics are sceptical of the truth of this little romance. Some are saying the romance could be apart of an elaborate PR stunt to promote Tom?s new film, War of the Worlds and Katie?s upcoming film Batman Begins, both being released in June in the US. CNN?s Bill Hemmer asked on American Morning last week, “What kind of sham is this, by the way? How gullible do they think we are?” There?s also the question of 26-year-old Katie?s proclamation that she?s saving herself for marriage and won?t have sex with her new man until then. Katie herself even describes herself as ?boring, boring, boring. If you want dirt, I?m not your girl.? Well… we?ll see!

Wedding for Cameron and Justin?
It?s set to be the showbiz wedding of the year ? Justin Timberlake is set to wed his girlfriend 32-year-old Cameron Diaz in the south of France next weekend. The blessed event is believed to be taking place in the luxurious Grand-Hotel Du Cap-Ferrat in Nice, a hotel spokesperson saying, ?It is fully booked for a special event next weekend? They have booked the whole hotel.” So who blabbed? Well none other than close friends of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. Last week they were asked why they weren?t planning on attending daughter Kelly?s London concert next weekend, and their response was, “Because they’ll be in Nice for JT’s wedding.” Despite all this rumour and speculation, reps for Cam and Justin are denying all. “They are not getting married in the south of France next week, nor are they engaged,” her spokesman asserts. Uh huh. Well why has Cameron been wearing a 3-carat canary and platinum Cartier ring on her left ring finger? We wait to be convinced!

Justin to star in Shrek 3
Meanwhile, has Cameron had a word in someone?s ear regarding giving a job to her boyfriend/fianc?/whatever he is? The 24-year-old pop singer has just been cast in the new Shrek movie as the voice of new character Artie, the rebellious nephew of King Harold. He joins Cameron, who is returning as Princess Fiona, as well as Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy. Antonio Banderas will return as the lead character, Puss in Boots. But Justin?s connection to Cameron had nothing to do with the casting decision, according to producer Aron Warner. “Our desire was to get somebody who is visible and had their own persona to bring to the table,” he tells USA Today. “Justin fit that bill perfectly.”

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