Katie Holmes to quit acting

November 15, 2005

Katie Holmes to quit acting

Katie Holmes has decided to give up her career in favour of motherhood. The 26-year-old former Dawson?s Creek star is expecting her first child with fianc? Tom Cruise. According to a source: “Katie has decided to give up acting altogether. She’s been telling friends that she and Tom have decided it is best she stays at home and brings up their new baby.? Although she and Tom appear to be happy, it doesn?t seem to be well received by many of her colleagues. “Her decision is raising a lot of eyebrows in Hollywood. She is at the perfect age for so many screen roles and has completely closed the door on a promising career.”

Jude and Sienna update
Jude Law and Sienna Miller attended the premiere of her new film Casanova separately on Sunday night; however things are looking good for a reunion. The pair flew out from London to Los Angeles together, and according to sources, the couple are ?testing the waters? to see if a reconciliation is imminent. Sienna has cut her blonde locks off and was looking fresh and sweet in her cropped do. She told ET that things between them are “incredibly close, we’re working things out so it’s good.”

Kirsten Dunst sick of rumours
There has been speculation over the relationship between Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal for much of their on/off two year relationship, and it seems Kirsten is getting a little sick of it. At a recent Elizabethtown press junket, she acted coy with reporters who asked about her relationship with the Jarhead star. ?Um, I don’t have a boyfriend. Who are you talking about?” She told one reporter who asked their relationship status. The journalist reminded her about Jake, and she flippantly responded: “Oh, I’d love to meet him. He sounds like a nice guy.” She went on further to comment about press speculation with her Elizabethtown co-star Orlando Bloom, even saying her mother was concerned. “My mom called me and said: ‘Everybody is asking me if you are pregnant. I know it’s not true, but call me anyway.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, mom, I am pregnant, I am engaged to Jake and I just made out with Orlando …'” she vents. “Oh my God, are you kidding me? Please, I hate it.”

Leo & Gisele break-up issues
Kathleen Turner pretended to be drunk

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