Keep Fit And See The World: Active Getaways

Claudia Wood

Sometimes you want to get away to a five star, beach-front resort, drop your suitcases at the concierge and flop onto the sand, fancy cocktail in hand, delicious snacks in the other. And sometimes you want to keep that hot body that you worked so hard for during the working season and you want to have some adventure and experience the world in an active way.

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Active getaways are becoming more and more popular, with less people choosing the traditional beach holiday for something that is filled with exercise and thrill. Not that your usual holiday isn’t thrilling, it’s just unlikely to get your heart pumping unless you’re experiencing some holiday love between the sheets.

There are certain destinations in the world that are recognised for shopping, for star spotting and for traditional sight seeing and then there is the list below in which you can experience a fabulous active getaway, keeping fit while seeing the world.

5. Skiing/snowboarding, Colorado, United States

One of the most popular active holidays is a snow one. Spending your days shredding up the powder on skis or snowboards while checking out beautiful views atop the mountain. You’ll burn those legs and buns in a skiing holiday and Aspen is a fantastic place to experience it. Better yet, head over during Christmas to see the town during the festive season and keep those extra Chrissie calories at bay.

4. White water rafting, Queenstown, New Zealand

Water sports are always better in adventure capital Queenstown. With heaps of water activities to choose from, white water rafting is going to be at the top of your list for thrill and sight seeing through the valleys of New Zealand.

3. Mountain biking/cycling, Europe

Let’s face it, there are way too many options to narrow this one and you can take your bike to so many places in Europe to explore the country side and mountainous terrain. Not only will it be cost effective, but you’ll see amazing sights and find great places that you may not be able to find by car or bus, and you’ll be keeping all those pastries off your hips.

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2. Surfing, Hawaii, United States

Hawaii has something for everyone. From places to flop and drop, to some of the most active holidays you can have, it’s all up to you in Hawaii. Famous for their surf, catch a few waves, or learn how to anyway, climb volcanoes and go snorkelling through the crystal clear waters. With some fantastic views to find from higher up, hiking is a big one to take in some breath taking beauty.

1. Trekking, Machu Picchu, Peru

See history and challenge yourself while trekking through the Inca trails around Machu Picchu. The amazing ruins will have your jaws dropped as you finish the trek and see your final, amazing destination.

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