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How To Keep Your Hands And Feet Feeling Soft

How To Keep Your Hands And Feet Feeling Soft

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Now that winter is here, we have to deal with all of the side effects including dry hands and feet.  Of course winter isn’t the only reason why we develop dry skin. As well as the winter climate, dry hands and feet can also arise because of chemicals in the water, particular soaps that we use and if we wash our hands too often.

Tips for softer hands:

  • When you’re washing dishes use rubber gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals in the detergent and water
  • When you’re outside in the sun don’t forget to put sunscreen on your hands too
  • Try not to be too pedantic about washing your hands every five minutes.  The constant washing will dry our your skin
  • Moisturise after every time you wash your hands – keep the moisturiser in a small pump bottle next to your basin so you remember to do it
  • Exfoliate your hands once every few weeks (see below for a homemade scrub)
  • Before bed, coat your hands with moisturiser and then cover them with cotton gloves overnight
  • Include foods that are high in omega-3 in your diet as these can help your skin to feel softer and look healthier.  Salmon, tuna, walnuts and canola oil are all good sources of omega-3.

Tips for softer feet:

  • Ensure you dry your feet properly after a shower or bath
  • Before bed, lather your feet with moisturiser and then cover them with socks overnight
  • Soak your feet in warm water and milk (2 parts to 1) a couple of times a week and then use a pumice stone and exfoliator to gently scrub away the dry skin (see below for a homemade scrub)
  • Make sure you put your feet up at least a couple of times a week.  Being on your feet all day long, day after day can cause cracked feet
  • Ensure you wear comfortable footwear that fit properly.  If your shoes rub on your feet it can cause calluses to form
  • Give yourself a gentle foot massage twice a week with Vaseline, or even better, ask you partner to give you one

Homemade Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Why pay for expensive scrubs when you can make your own at home?  Sugar is great for your skin so try this homemade recipe and gently scrub away!

  • 1 x cup sugar (white or brown)
  • ½ cup almond oil
  • 1 x teaspoon vanilla extract
  • A dash of Vitamin E oil

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