How To Keep Your Indoor Plant Alive

August 1, 2014

Some people swear that indoor plants are therapeutic. They have air-purifying qualities and some can be used for healing purposes. At the very least, an indoor plant can spruce up a living space. The main obstacle, however, is keeping them alive.

The first thing you should know is that plants are not made to be kept indoors. They live off sunlight, oxygen and water – all of which occur naturally and best outdoors. However, some plant species can handle the undesirable conditions and it is our job to make them as comfortable as we can!

If you’re the kind of person that will forget to water their plants (guilty!), you’ll want a hardy species, like a cactus or aloe. The gel in aloe vera is commonly used as an ointment for skin illnesses and is high in vitamins and minerals, so your decorative feature can also double as a dietary supplement! Other great plant species include the jade plant, ficus, spider plant, or pothos.

Now for some care tips:

  1. Don’t overwater your plant. Soggy soil will suffocate it!
  2. Don’t underwater your plant. Plants with more foliage will require more water than those with hard or waxy leaves. The amount of water you should give your plant is also dependent on its size, the size of the pot and the conditions of your home. The best way to be sure, is to check the soil is dry before watering your plant again.
  3. Be sure your plant is getting as much sunlight as possible. Plants live off sunlight, and by keeping them indoors, they’re already not getting as much as they would like. Leave your plant on a window sill or wherever it will get the best light.
  4. Don’t move your plant too much. It takes time for them to adapt to the indoor conditions and moving them around will essentially cause them stress.
  5. Use a damp cloth to wipe dust of leaves.
  6. Don’t empty your coffee or tea into the pot. Bugs will thrive off the sugar and breed in the soil of your indoor plant.

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