Keep warm and play indoors this winter!

July 27, 2004

Keep warm and play indoors this winter!

Sounds like Monopoly but if you?re looking to play with paper money, turn right around and go back to Toy World. This game is a hell of a lot sexier than walking past Mayfair. Monogamy is described as ?A Hot Affair?With Your Partner?, and is perfect if you want to spice up a boring night at home. There are four levels to Monogamy, Intimate, Passionate, Steamy and Fantasy. As the game progresses (and you lose more and more clothing) you?re forced to ask and do things to your partner that you may have never dared. He could be ask what sexual act would he choose if he had to visit a prostitute? Or your card might instruct you to film yourself while giving him a blow job. And it isn?t just about the sex. Questions such as ?What was it about your partner’s personality that first attracted you to him?? and “Pride of place – Remember a moment when you were really proud of your partner. Tell her how it made you feel,” can elicit a beautiful trip down memory lane about your first moments of attraction. By combining seduction, love, lust and laughter through this game, you will experience a beautiful night together, away from the perennial stresses of everyday life. And it?s a game that keeps giving ? in the next month, my beau has to read me some erotic fiction, prepare a picnic and send me two love letters! Score!
RRP $49.95 and is available at all good adult shops across Australia and selected game stores.

The Analyst
If playing board games in a group is more your style (and you don?t think your best bud would appreciate your lap dance) then try The Analyst: it?s much more group friendly! This game is more of a psychological journey; a discovery of what your friends think of you and how you perceive them. It?s a great way to end a relaxing dinner party with friends. You may have been compared to a Golden Labrador, likened to a detergent commercial (it means you?re clean, not boring… or so they tell me) or revealed that your friends thinks of her boyfriend as a souped up Datsun (I?ll leave you to figure out why). This game has actually been created by a clinical psychologist, Adam Ferrier. He has had many years experience using techniques to get people to talk more openly about their psychological make up. One result is the creation of ?The Analyst? ? which is basically bringing the secrets of the analyst?s couch into the dinner party setting.
RRP $29.95 and is available in Myer, Target, David Jones, BaySwiss and all good book and game shops.
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