Keep warm and watch DVDs indoors this winter!

July 27, 2004

Keep warm and watch DVDs indoors this winter!

TV is a bit dire at the moment. ?Friends? seems to be permanently in rerun territory, until we finally get to the second half of the last season. And Carrie and her crew in the city, and the Secret Lifers both seem to have been lost in the ether. Of course, we?re up on crime shows (is there a night Law and Order isn?t on?) and there?s no shortage of Reality TV. But what happened to the good old shows? The ones where there?s enough intrigue, scandal and enough drama to keep you gossiping around the water cooler for half the morning? Bedtime is one of these shows. It is an English BBC show that focuses around three couples in their bedrooms in adjoining houses. Each couple is in a different stage of their relationship and their lives. In the first series, there is Andrew and Alice ? a retired couple with all the time in the world to learn about themselves and each other. Paul and Sarah Newcombe are dealing with the birth of their first child and the challenges of one parent leaving for work while the other runs the house. And 20-year-old Sapphire, who is having a torrid affair with a mystery celebrity. Although the situations are ordinary, what takes place is far from it.

This series has been show on the ABC in Australia, and is available on DVD from ABC Shops, ABC Centres, ABC Online and leading video retailers for $29.95SRP from 8th July 2004.
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Beyond Borders
This is the movie that inspired Angelina Jolie to adopt Cambodian son Maddox, and proclaim “I prefer to adopt. With every adoption I save a further child from the orphanage. That’s the way I see it.” She plays Sarah Jordan, an American woman newly married to a seemingly perfect husband, typical Englishman Henry Bauford (Linus Roache). Her world is suddenly turned upside down when relief worker Nick Callahan (Clive Owen) interrupts an elegant fundraising dinner to tell the wealthy of the real situation in war torn Africa. Sarah feels compelled to help, and spends her life savings of $40,000 for supplies, then accompanies the food and medicine to Ethiopia. Time passes, and although Sarah returns to England, she begins working for the United Nations and a bid to help the needy. The story tracks the demise of her relationship with Henry, her passion for the adventurous Nick and, more importantly, the plight of refugees from Ethiopia to Cambodia to Chechnya.

This is like watching a terrible melodrama taking place in a war zone. The love between Sarah and Nick is one dimensional and boring, particularly as Sarah spends the entire film pouting and throwing romantic looks into the distance. Clive Owens is better; his character shows passion to his cause. He?s rumoured to be a James Bond replacement and can also be seen as the title role in the upcoming King Arthur. To be honest, the characters aren?t what this film seems to be about. The film is about immersing viewers in the terrible conditions of citizens in war torn countries. It?s almost like watching a two hour World Vision advertisement. It?s definitely scary and thought provoking but there is nothing else from the performance that makes you feel for the characters. You do feel you should sponsor a child though? maybe that was the point?

Released June 10 by Roadshow Entertainment

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