Keeping Christmas Magical For Older Kids

December 9, 2014
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Are your kids rolling their eyes and walking off when you mention Santa? They may be old enough to know the truth about the presents under the tree, but they’re still kids and there’s still a lot you can do to keep Christmas magic alive for them.

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Focus on giving

Share the story of the real Saint Nicholas and how he secretly gave gifts to the poor. Help them research some charities they can get involved with, even if it’s something as simple as leaving a few presents under the Kmart Wishing Tree. Kids can feel incredibly empowered when they have the opportunity to help someone else.

Keep them involved

Now that they’ve figured out the big secret, your older kids can get a lot more involved in the behind-the-scenes of your family traditions. They can pick presents for their younger siblings, tell them stories and put Santa footprints around the house. You can even let them eat the cookies you’ve left for Santa!

Give them special older kids privileges

No need to rush them off to bed, now that Santa is not a secret anymore. You can let your older kids stay up late and open their presents as soon as the clock strikes midnight, watch a Christmas movie or take them to a midnight mass.

Keep up your family traditions

Even if they don’t believe in Santa anymore, older kids can still find lots of joy and meaning in family traditions you’ve started when they were little like choosing your Christmas tree, making ornaments and baking your Christmas cookies. These are the things that will trigger the Christmas anticipation that you’re never too old to experience and you’ll be creating warm memories that will last a lifetime.

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