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How To Keep Hydrated In Winter

How To Keep Hydrated In Winter

Now that the cold weather is here to stay, we’re probably drinking more coffee than water in the office. When you’re really chilly, the clear, coolness of water just doesn’t seem appealing compared to a warm, creamy cappuccino. However, while it’s great to indulge during winter, we also need to make sure that we stay hydrated.

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During the colder months, we naturally consume less water. We don’t feel as hot, we’re not sweating as much and it generally rains more than it does in the summer time, but it’s important to still keep those hydration levels up or there could be some serious side-effects.

Drinking enough water helps us in many ways and depriving ourselves can have detrimental effects on our productivity levels. When we’re dehydrated, we’re more likely to suffer from headaches and the cold and flu, making it harder to concentrate and focus.

Drinking enough water keeps us healthy on the inside by helping our cells stay hydrated, which then also affects our outsides. Consuming enough water also makes our skin more supple and healthy. When our skin cells lack water, they become dry and flaky, which is often what happens in the winter. Dry lips, cracked elbows and scaly legs are signs that our bodies are not getting enough moisture and this can be helped by topping up your drink bottle during the day.

keeping hydrated in winter

Here are our top tips for keeping hydrated in winter:

1. Swap the coffee for tea

Instead of your milky latte, choose a peppermint tea or hot water with lemon instead. This keeps you drinking water throughout the day and lowers your calorie intake.

2. Snack on hydrating foods

It’s not just water that hydrates your body. Foods with high water content are great snacks to eat when you’re a little hungry. Tomatoes, zucchini, strawberries and watermelon are high in water content, so toss together a salad to have during the day.

3. Keep a water bottle on your desk

Keeping a count of how much water you drink during the day will help you to know how much more you need to be consuming. You also get a bonus calorie burn when you’re up and down from the toilet and the water cooler.

4. Add fruit to your water

If you’re not keen on plain water, chop up some mint, cucumber and strawberries, or lemon and lime, and put them into your drink bottle. The flavour will make your water a little more enjoyable.

5. Sip during your workout

In cold weather, sweat evaporates easier and we lose moisture through breath. Sip water before, during and after your workout to stay hydrated.

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