Keeping Kids Entertained At Home On The Holidays

April 22, 2014
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There’s the Easter Show, the movies, theme parks, shopping and trips away. But, just in case you aren’t a millionaire these school holidays, here are some options that will keep the kids busy (for a while at least) at home.

Share a favourite game or story with your children from your own childhood. Toy libraries often have old-school games like Operation, Mouse Trap or Trouble, or share a story/picture book like Where The Wild Things Are, Hairy Maclary from Donalson’s Dairy or There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly. Classics!

Arrange a movie day – choose a couple of favourite films, get some popcorn and put your feet up with the kids.

Get cooking. Pick a recipe with the kids, go shopping for ingredients and cook something together that you can enjoy eating afterwards. This could be anything from a simple sponge cake to a classic lasagna or an entire tapas plattter – depending their age and interest levels.

Play dress up with your old clothes. Sort through your clothes together and recycle the ones that you never wear and the stuff your little one’s grown out of.

Get the kids to put on a play or a magic show. They could even use the dress up clothes and props from around the house. If you have a camera, you can even film it, for great memories.

Build a den with the kids. All you need is some boxes or sofa cushions, a few blankets and a bit of imagination. And, if the weather is okay, you could even risk doing this outside.

Create a scrapbook together using photos from your family album, or torn from magazines.

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